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Fluid Sealing

Stallings Industries Inc is a leader in the Fluid Sealing Industry, and as such, we provide our customers with solutions that include  Gaskets, Packings, Mechanical Seals, O-Rings, Isolators, Pump Diaphrams, Expansion Joints, Butterfly Valves, and Band Clamps. Our in-house fabrication capabilities combined with our partnerships with major companies who specialize in fluid sealing products make us the premiere choice for fluid sealing services in the Southeast.

fluid-sealOur local and national partners, companies such as Garlock, APEX and PPC, ensure that you receive piping that is the pinnacle of fluid sealing product design. Our direct connection to these organizations becomes a direct connection for you, the consumer.

mechanical sealWe are well-equipped to help you get the most out of our products. Our onsite training will prepare for effective and secure fluid sealer installation. Sealing maintenance is an ongoing process requiring consistent work and upkeep to prevent damaging failures and expensive slowdowns. We give you the training and durable products to ensure your fluid sealing reach its full potential for the longest amount of time. Our partnerships and influence allow us to promise this with a sense of security that you rarely find when addressing minor but important system components.

At Stallings Industries Inc, we provide you with direct access to any mechanical component produced by us and our partner network.