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Our Quality

Gaskets and SEALS are often an afterthought to planners and designers. If misapplied they can, however cause problems way beyond the initial cost of the gasket or seal. Let Stallings Industries and Garlock partner with you to be assured that you get the very best application the first time. Safety follows good applications. We are known for our hands-on training in the bolted joint and mechanical seals.

At Stallings Industries Inc, your efficiency and the safety of your employees are our biggest concern. Contact us and start competing better in your market today.

We view ourselves as a good neighbor to our community by providing jobs and taxes, while not adding to the landfill mass. Gasket cutters by nature have a small footprint, in that our job is to turn sheets into shapes, and hopefully the centers in to smaller shapes. Our waste stream is minimal, and we recycle our paper products through Pickens County Recycling Center.